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Welcome to John Wheeler CDL School: From Call to Cab​​

Hello and welcome to John Wheeler CDL School in the heart of Mesa, AZ. Embarking on the journey to become a professional truck driver is an exciting step, and we’re here to guide you from the very first call to the moment you confidently sit behind the wheel. 

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Welcome to John Wheeler CDL School: From Call to Cab

Hello and welcome to John Wheeler CDL School in the heart of Mesa, AZ. Embarking on the journey to become a professional truck driver is an exciting step, and we’re here to guide you from the very first call to the moment you confidently sit behind the wheel. Let’s take a look at the warm and engaging welcome tour you can expect when you choose our esteemed institution.


1. Ring, Ring - Your Journey Begins

Your experience with us kicks off with a simple phone call. During this conversation, our team is dedicated to answering any and all questions you might have, demystifying the process of obtaining a CDL, and outlining what you can expect from our training program. We believe in transparency and ensuring you feel confident and informed from the get-go.


2. Stepping into Our World

Following our initial conversation, we invite you to visit our office for an in-depth orientation. This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with our facilities, our staff, and our approach to training.

John Wheeler CDL Trucking Simulator

3. The Virtual Highway: Classroom Simulators (Coming soon)

One of the first stops on our tour is our state-of-the-art classroom simulators. Here, you'll get a taste of what it's like to navigate the highways and byways of America, all from the comfort of our campus. These simulators provide a risk-free environment to practice reactions to real-world driving scenarios, ensuring that by the time you're on the open road, you're prepared for just about anything.

John Wheeler CDL School attendees

4. Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

A key highlight of our tour is the introduction to our modern fleet. From compact rigs to massive 18-wheelers, you'll see firsthand the trucks you'll soon be mastering. We'll walk you through the unique features of each vehicle, ensuring you understand the nuances and techniques required to drive them safely and efficiently.

John Wheeler CDL School classroom

5. Course Roadmap & School Protocol

Knowledge is power. As we continue our tour, we'll dive deep into the specifics of our curriculum. From theoretical lessons to hands-on training sessions, you'll get a clear picture of the comprehensive education awaiting you. Additionally, we'll outline our school's rules and expectations, ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for all.

John Wheeler CDL School driver

6. The John Wheeler Way

At John Wheeler CDL School, we pride ourselves on not only producing adept drivers but also fostering a community of respect, diligence, and passion. Our commitment to your success doesn't end once you obtain your license. We're here for the long haul, offering guidance, networking opportunities, and ongoing support.

Choosing to become a CDL driver is choosing a life of adventure, responsibility, and endless horizons. And choosing John Wheeler CDL School is the first step in ensuring that journey is as fulfilling as possible. Welcome aboard! We can’t wait to see where the road takes you.

For over 10 years, we've been the compass guiding skilled truckers' careers.

Peter Atkinsor
Peter Atkinsor
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I just finished my online HazMat course and passed my MVD test the first time! The course was easy to follow and had lots of useful info. The practice tests really helped me prepare for the real thing. Super happy I signed up for this—it really taught me a lot about handling dangerous stuff safely!
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I was a little worried about the Google voice number but this place is very professional and helped us with all of our needs to get the ELDT training. They are also affordable while other places are charging way too much for the courses. John Wheeler CDL School was one of the few affordable options for our budget. We completed the ELDT training and now are on our way to complete the rest of our endorsements. If you have your CDL already and need your other endorsements like Hazmat I recommend this place.
Mind Dove
Mind Dove
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My husband needed help with ELDT training for his hazmat endorsement and this school was very quick and accommodating when it came to getting him set up online and submitting the results to the clearinghouse after my husband passed the ELDT portion. He officially got his hazmat endorsement 72 hours after finishing the ELDT hazmat course. I recommend this school for any trucker that needs to do any portion or all of the ELDT. They are affordable and they care about the truckers they do business with.
Cosmin Calota
Cosmin Calota
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The experience is actually great so far. As a personal conclusion, they’re focusing a lot on having Drivers walking out of school with a CDL license, and enough knowledge, not just on having “CDL/Steering wheel Holders walking out of school and not knowing what to expect nor how to approach a certain or specific situation. Lots to learn from it, as the opportunity is right in front of you. Depends what kind of goal it is that you’re having or being interested in. I really recommend you to be confident about yourself, also..there’s nothing you can’t do, as long as you put enough energy into it to manifest what you’re thinking of. What are You waiting for ?
Chris V
Chris V
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A+++ I walked in knowing absolutely nothing. I didn't even know what diesel fuel was. However, now!!!!!!! I HAVE A CLASS A CDL!!!!!!! The campus was easy to find, staff were incredibly helpful. There was a no question is a dumb question vibe. It helped me along through the entire course. OH!! I WAS ABLE TO WORK MY DAY TIME JOB AND COMPLETE THE COURSE I THE EVENING. I bet nobody can tell how excited I am to start the next chapter of my financial freedom, ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!
Marcus Williams
Marcus Williams
Read More
I enrolled in the CDL A program at John Wheeler CDL School and had a fantastic experience. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. They prepared me well for the road, and I passed my test on the first try. Highly recommended!


4 Weeks
  • Comprehensive program covering everything from obtaining your permit to real-world road situations.
  • Perfect for those starting fresh, aiming to become skilled drivers in various scenarios.
  • In-depth training on city driving, winter conditions, backing maneuvers, and handling common road challenges.
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3 Weeks
  • Designed for students with CDL permits, quick learners, and trucking enthusiasts.
  • Ideal for those who've done their research and want to fast-track their CDL journey.
  • Suited for individuals with prior commercial driving experience or trucking background.


6 Weeks
  • Elevate your expertise with an in-depth 6-week journey that builds upon the Classic program.
  • Real docking, load scaling, DOT prep, and winter driving.
  • Insights from lifelong truckers to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Access to hotline for 6 months of expert guidance.
  • Comprehensive digital guide on industry insights.
  • Transform into an exceptional, road-ready truck driver.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Beyond Classic's curriculum, gain insights from lifelong truckers who possess an intimate understanding of the industry's nuances, allowing you to avoid costly pitfalls.
  • Hotline of Wisdom: Unlock direct access to a hotline of expert advice for 6 months. Real-time assistance empowers you to navigate challenges with seasoned guidance.
  • Digital Wisdom Guide: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive digital guide covering trucking company selection, health management, accident handling, and more. Learn from professionals who have lived it all.

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