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Meet the Team at John Wheeler CDL School: Experts at Every Turn

At John Wheeler CDL School, we firmly believe that our success lies in our team. With years of industry experience, each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring our students not only pass their CDL exams but thrive in their subsequent trucking careers. Let’s shine a light on our team’s commitment and their focus on ensuring every student becomes road-ready.

Experience at the First Point of Contact

From the moment you dial our number, you are greeted by seasoned professionals who understand the trucking industry inside out. Our call answering team is not just about picking up the phone; they provide insightful answers to your queries, guiding potential students with genuine care and expertise. Their years in the industry equip them with the ability to gauge the unique requirements of every caller and provide tailored advice.

A Classroom Like No Other

Our classroom isn’t just about whiteboards and textbooks. It’s about learning from instructors who’ve spent years behind the wheel, understanding every nuance of truck driving. These professionals have faced the challenges on the road and are keen to share their experiences, ensuring you’re equipped with knowledge beyond just what’s in the manuals.

Hands-On Training on the Yard

The yard is where the rubber meets the road, quite literally! And leading the charge are our seasoned instructors. Their combined experience runs into decades, but what’s even more impressive is their commitment. They are focused on ensuring every maneuver you make, every technique you learn, is perfected to the T. With their guidance, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re getting road-ready.

Unwavering Focus on Student Success

We take immense pride in our high pass rates, and it’s no accident. Our team is unyieldingly dedicated to ensuring every student grasps the essential knowledge and skills. More than just passing an exam, we aim for our students to ace it on the first attempt. Our instructors employ varied teaching methodologies, adapting to individual student needs, ensuring no one is left behind.


At John Wheeler CDL School, it’s more than just about learning to drive a truck. It’s about imbibing the ethos of safe, efficient, and professional trucking. Our team, with its vast experience, is our cornerstone, committed to ensuring every student emerges not just with a license but with the confidence and skills to conquer the road.

Join us and experience the John Wheeler CDL School difference, where expertise drives excellence at every turn.