CDL Class B

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CDL Class B

Classic Program (4 Weeks)

  1. CDL Permit Preparation (Included): Our CDL Permit Prep readies you for the CDL permit exam. Covering road signs, regulations, and safety, our experienced instructors guide your focused preparation. You’ll be exam-ready and confident, ready to embark on your journey as a skilled driver. With CDL Permit Prep, you’ll be road-ready and empowered.
  2. ELDT Training (Entry-Level Driver Training): ELDT, or Entry-Level Driver Training, is a set of standards established by the FMCSA to ensure new commercial drivers in the U.S. receive comprehensive classroom and practical training before taking the CDL exam. Training providers must be FMCSA-registered, and the curriculum covers safe operations, basic vehicle controls, on-road driving, and federal regulations. The goal of ELDT is to enhance the safety of commercial vehicle operations on highways.
  3. Pre-Trip Inspection: Detailed instruction on how to perform a thorough pre-trip inspection of the vehicle, ensuring its safety and roadworthiness.
  1. Air Brake System Operation: Detailed training on the operation of air brake systems used in many commercial vehicles.
  1. Coupling and Uncoupling: Learning how to properly attach and detach trailers to and from the truck.
  1. Shifting and Gear Control: Instruction on using the vehicle’s manual or automatic transmission efficiently.
  1. Basic Control Skills: Training on maneuvering the vehicle in controlled settings, including backing up, turning, and parking.
  1. On-Road Driving Practice (Including Night Driving):
  • Practical training on real roads to develop safe driving skills in various traffic and weather conditions.
  • Highway driving, merging, lane changing, and navigating intersections.
  • Experience with night driving to improve handling and safety in low-light conditions.
  1. Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Training (Optional): If offered, this training would cover the handling and transportation of hazardous materials, including safety regulations.
  1. Double/Triple Trailer Endorsement (Optional): If offered, this training would include instruction on safely operating double or triple trailers.
  2. Tanker Endorsement (Optional): If offered, this training would cover the operation of tanker vehicles carrying liquids.
  3. CDL Testing: Guidance and support in scheduling and taking the CDL Class A exams, which typically include practical skills tests.

Master CDL Program

Master Program (6 Weeks)

The Master Program is the pinnacle of comprehensive CDL training. It encompasses all elements from our renowned “Classic Program,” equipping you with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful career as a professional driver. Building on this foundation, the Master Program goes above and beyond, providing you with an array of invaluable extras that have been curated by experienced truck drivers who have lived the life on the road. These extras are specifically designed to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that await in the trucking industry. From mastering winter driving to understanding lease options, handling emergencies, and even maximizing your earnings, the Master Program empowers you to thrive as a skilled and confident commercial driver.

Master Program Extras:

Expert-Crafted Digital Guide – A $699 Value

  • Problem-Solving and Consultation Hotline (6 Months)
  • Real Trucking Experience Day ⭐
  • Winter Driving Tips ❄️
  • Backing Up to real docs
  • Brake Adjustment Techniques
  • Handling Accidents and Challenges
  • Load Securing
  • Fifth Wheel Sliding and Tandem Sliding
  • Essential Tools and Emergency Devices 🏥
  • Guide to Buying a Truck and Lease Options 🚛
  • Binder Documents and DOT Inspection 🚓
  • Dealing with Tickets and Legal Matters 🚓
  • Maximizing Earnings on the Road 💵
  • Navigating the Trucking Industry
  • GPS Navigation and Coverage Challenges
  • Industry Insights: Signs of a Bad Company ❗
  • Stuck on the Road  💡
  •  Load Weight Management
  • Firearms and Alcohol in the Truck
  • CB Radio: Necessity and Usage
  • Apps for Truckers: Enhancing Efficiency 🧑‍💻
  • Continued Education While Driving 🧑‍🎓
  • Effective Map Reading and Navigation 🗺️