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John Wheeler CDL School’s Job Placement Program: Steering Graduates to Success

The trucking industry is more than just transporting goods; it’s about ensuring the lifeline of commerce remains robust and efficient. At the heart of this industry are the drivers, the individuals who make it possible for goods to reach their destinations. Recognizing the pivotal role they play, John Wheeler CDL School in Mesa, AZ, has taken a step further in not only providing premier CDL training but also ensuring its graduates have a smooth transition into the workforce through its Job Placement Program.

How Does It Work?

Industry Partnerships: Over the years, John Wheeler CDL School has fostered strong ties with some of the top trucking companies, both locally and nationally. These partnerships mean that graduates have access to a vast network of potential employers, making the job-hunting process significantly smoother.
Tailored Counseling: Understanding that every driver’s aspirations and strengths are unique, the school provides one-on-one counseling sessions. Here, graduates can discuss their career goals, preferred routes, and other specifics, enabling the placement team to find the best job matches.

Resume Building & Interview Preparation

Transitioning from training to a professional setting requires more than just driving skills. The program offers assistance in crafting compelling resumes and provides mock interviews, ensuring that graduates present themselves confidently and effectively to potential employers.

Continuous Support

The job placement assistance isn’t a one-off service. Even after securing a job, graduates can seek guidance and advice as they grow in their careers. This long-term support reflects the school’s commitment to the ongoing success of its students.

In a world where education and training institutions often conclude their roles at certification, John Wheeler CDL School stands out. Its comprehensive Job Placement Program goes the extra mile, ensuring that the journey which starts behind the training wheels culminates in a successful and rewarding career on the open road. For those considering a future in trucking, this program not only offers a license to drive but a clear roadmap to success.

At John Wheeler CDL School, our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you earn your CDL. We’ve forged strong partnerships with the industry’s leading trucking companies to ensure that you’re not only prepared for the road but also positioned to launch your career with the best in the business.

Below are some of our esteemed partners who recognize the quality and dedication of our graduates and are often eager to welcome them into their ranks:

Recognized for its extensive mentorship programs, Swift ensures new drivers are well-supported as they navigate the trucking landscape.

C.R. England Trucking

With a special emphasis on team driving, CR England provides new drivers with valuable hands-on experience in a collaborative setting.

A powerhouse in the trucking industry, Prime is committed to giving new drivers the miles and experiences they need to thrive.

Werner Enterprises Trucking Company

A powerhouse in the trucking industry, Prime is committed to giving new drivers the miles and experiences they need to thrive.

J.B. Hunt Trucking

Offering a spectrum of opportunities in sectors like intermodal, J.B. Hunt is a gateway to a diverse trucking career.

Prioritizing real-world experience, Knight ensures fresh CDL holders are quickly integrated into the trucking world.

Their diverse mentorship programs are tailored to guide new drivers towards a successful trucking career.

As a leader in the flatbed trucking niche, Maverick is the go-to for those looking to specialize.

Landstar Trucking

Both giants in the flatbed sector, these companies are committed to nurturing and growing the talents of new drivers.

Stevens Transport

If refrigerated transport is your calling, Stevens has an unparalleled reputation in this niche.

Celadon Trucking

Once known for championing new drivers, Celadon’s legacy continues with its commitment to launching trucking careers.

PTL Transportation

With a focus on team driving, PTL offers an environment ripe for collaboration and learning.

Covenant Transport

Another stalwart in the team driving space, Covenant is the place for those who thrive in partnership.

Western Express

Catering to both flatbed and dry van divisions, Western Express is versatile and welcoming to new talent.

KLM Transportation

With opportunities spanning the nation, these companies offer a broad spectrum of experiences for new drivers.

Navajo Express, Inc.

With opportunities spanning the nation, these companies offer a broad spectrum of experiences for new drivers.

Barr-Nunn Transportation
USA Truck Inc.

Both known for their commitment to safety and competitive pay structures, these companies are ideal for those keen on joining esteemed fleets.

Melton Truck Lines Inc.

A major player in flatbed trucking, Melton is always on the lookout for fresh talent to join their team.

They have a robust “Get Your CDL” program specifically designed for newcomers to the industry, making them a suitable choice for fresh graduates.

Mills Transfer trucking logo

Known for their top-notch training programs, they ensure that even new drivers are thoroughly prepared for the road.

PAM Transport trucking logo

This company has programs tailored for recent CDL school graduates, offering them the opportunity to gain experience quickly.

In addition to the esteemed companies listed, we have partnerships with many, many more reputable trucking firms. At John Wheeler CDL School, our extensive network ensures that our graduates have a broad spectrum of job opportunities awaiting them after completing their training.

When you train with John Wheeler CDL School, you’re not just gaining a license; you’re opening doors to partnerships with these industry leaders. Our track record and relationships ensure that upon graduation, you’re positioned to launch a rewarding career with the best in the business. Join us, and let’s drive your future forward, together.